Real Measures, Inc. (RMi) is about measurement that matters. RMi will sit down with you and help you find out what matters to your organization and its stakeholders. RMi has extensive experience working with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Here are a few of the services RMi provides:

Satisfaction and Needs Assessments

Whether it is customers or members…and Real Measures, Inc. (RMi) understands the difference and why it matters…RMi can help you understand their underlying needs and how your organization fits into the ecosystem where they forage to meet their needs.


Real Measures yields real insights.



Benchmarking is a powerful tool that your organization can offer to help your industry or profession understand and improve itself…but only if it is done well. Badly conceived or badly executed benchmarking studies can be worse than no benchmarks.

Real Measures, Inc. (RMi) can help you define, measure, report, and understand what matters most when it comes to:

  • Compensation

  • Financial Ratios

  • Performance Metrics

  • Best Practices

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Other Measures of Efficiency, Effectiveness or Success

Real Measures produces real benchmarks for success.


Market Size and Segmentation

Understanding your markets, their size and defining characteristics, as well as the trends and forces that drive them can be a key to success, for your organization or your industry or profession. Make sure you do it right.

Ask the right questions.

Ask the questions right.

Use Real Measures to achieve real awareness of your markets.


Real Measures creates real understanding of your markets.


Employee Factors Research

Employees are one of the key factors in the success of your organization. Understanding your organizational culture, your employees’ skills, barriers to productivity and professional needs can enable you to know how to most effectively engage your workforce. An effectively engaged and empowered workforce can:

  • reduce unwanted turnover and the costs, explicit and hidden, associated with that turnover;

  • keep valuable institutional knowledge within your organization; and

  • develop a culture that:

    • encourages teamwork,

    • commits to organizational visions and goals,

    • values innovation and

    • drives your organization successfully into the future.

Real Measures, Inc. (RMi) can also help you understand your workplace by measuring:

Skill Inventories: You should know what is in your toolbox.

Compensation Structure: Money talks: It tells your employees what you want them to do. Incentives have implications. Understand them.


Real Measures helps you understand the most valuable resources you employ to enhance your success.


Issues-Oriented Research

Understanding the systems and forces at work in your ecosystem and understanding how to measure them is key to analyzing and articulating many issues that companies and entire industries and professions face. Meet with Real Measures, Inc. (RMi) to discuss what keeps you and your stakeholders up at night.


Real Measures yields real understanding of the issues.