What you get with Real Measures, Inc. (RMi):

John Burnham

President and Founder of Real Measures, Inc.

John Burnham founded of Real Measures, Inc. (RMi) in 2002. He has a total of more than two decades of specialized experience designing, implementing and utilizing metrics. He has designed, conducted and managed well over one hundred different research projects for more than 50 different organizations in the corporate, non-profit and public sectors.

Good information, paired with institutional knowledge and business and management acumen, can be a valuable tool to enhance organizational effectiveness and achieve meaningful success. John works with RMi’s clients to understand their information needs within the context of their organizational goals and ecosystems and then helps design the most useful metrics for the client, implement successful data collection and analyze the data to fulfill the client’s needs.

This takes more than a good understanding of mathematics and statistics. Those are the tools, the vocabulary and grammar, if you will, of the story. But it is the underlying story that matters most. John applies his understanding of business, language, psychology and the collection, management, analysis and presentation of quantitative and qualitative information to help RMi’s clients leverage their resources to tell the metrics’ story, understand what success looks like and get results.

John designs and implements programs to collect and analyze data on:

  • Best practices benchmarking

  • Customer and member satisfaction and needs assessment

  • Compensation

  • Cycle time

  • Economic impacts

  • Employee proficiency and skills assessment and time use

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Financial operating ratios

  • International trade flows and practices

  • Leadership skills assessment

  • Market size and segments

  • Regulatory issues

  • Event feedback from exhibitors and attendees

His survey research experience includes all facets of survey project design and implementation, including:

  • understanding and refining the client’s informational needs;

  • designing effective survey instruments;

  • designing and/or integrating databases pertinent to the project;

  • maximizing survey participation;

  • in-depth analysis to identify trends and issues;

  • effective report design;

  • working with clients to develop press releases, fact sheets and white papers; and

  • presentation of results to staff, boards of directors, the press and conferences.

John is familiar with many popular software and database technologies and works with clients to incorporate, analyze and leverage existing data into new and more useful knowledge that informs more effective action.

John earned his M.A. in economics from George Washington University in Washington, DC and his B.A. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Research Committee and the GWSAE Network.

Contact Information:

Telephone: (703) 371-5210